• Registration includes a fee of Rs. 2000/- per student.
  • All students from class 1-12 are invited to participate in HIPPO-ENGLISH WITHOUT BORDERS.
  • We encourage participation of maximum students from public & private schools. For a participating School it is unlawful to refuse participation to any student who is willing to pay the fee.
  • Students participate at their grade level or at a higher level (if they attend accelerated English programs at their schools).
  • The competition has a form of a multiple choice test. (You may see past HIPPO papers).
  • For the preliminary round, invigilation and audio players will be the responsibility of host institution. For semifinal and final round Innovative Learning and Hippo Association will take care.
  • There are 4 rounds:
    • Preliminary Round
    • Semifinal Round: Reading and Essay Writing (Online)
    • Regional Qualifier in Istanbul, Turkey
    • Super final in Rome, Italy
  • The Creative Learning will pay the economy class air tickets to the finalists & their teacher/principal while the visa expenses will be borne by the candidates & teachers.
  • Starting from Hippo 2021, Hippo Association will no longer be able to send visa invitation letters for family members.
  • All participating students receive a certificate.
  • Students compete in six categories/levels.


LITTLE HIPPO       (Class I & II)

HIPPO 1                (Class III & IV)

HIPPO 2                (Class V & VI)

HIPPO 3                (Class VII & VIII)

HIPPO 4                (Class IX & X)

HIPPO 5                (Class XI & XII)