For Students

  • practice language skills on modern test materials
  • easily take any exams in English
  • all candidates get discounted prices for Pearson exams and the American High School Dual Diploma Program
  • unique International English Language Competition open to all the students around the world
  • compete internationally with students from 53 countries
  • confirm your level in accordance with the European scale CEFR - Common European Framework of Reference
  • get a certificate and collect a successful portfolio
  • receive valuable educational prizes
  • become a finalist and win a trip to Italy

 For Teachers

  • test materials HIPPO "English Without Borders" Competition pass expert examination by the examination department of Pearson
  • Identify the real achievements of each student on an international scale
  • practice the skill of passing any exams in English
  • Improve pedagogical skills at seminars on preparation for the international competitions
  • registered schools and school coordinators will receive a Certificate of Appreciation
  • come with your finalist student to Italy