HIPPO Wonderland

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Hippo Wonderland gamified courses are crafted for young learners who wish to start their English journey or improve their skills at any level, from A1 beginners to C2 advanced learners. Hippo Wonderland courses are for all those who need to enhance their clarity in communication, improve their vocabulary and grammatical accuracy, sharpen their listening, reading, speaking and writing skills.


The Hippo Wonderland Adventure English language course isn’t just a simple language course, it is also a playful and fun adventure for    young learners who wish to embark on an exciting learning adventure. Learners can immerse themselves in this gamified adventure with          passion and engage all their senses as they proceed through four different learning zones. They can earn points and climb the scoreboard    to get ready for all the Hippo Olympiad rounds. By topping the leaderboard and in coherence with the Hippo Wonderland Regulations, learners  can secure their place as guests at the Hippo Olympiad Finals Award Ceremony in Italy in 2024 and be rewarded with Hippo Prizes!


Students can choose three options among different learning paths.

 Embark on an inspiring 100-hour English language gamified adventure, designed for beginners at A1 and A2 levels who are starting their journey with English.

2) English Proficiency Expedition at Intermediate level. Embark on a thrilling 100-hour English language gamified adventure, designed for B1 and B2 learners who wish to sharpen their English skills.

3) English Mastery Mission at Advanced level. Embark on an exhilarating 100-hour English language gamified adventure, designed for C1 and C2 learners who wish to refine their oral and written skills, expand their vocabulary, and fine-tune their grammatical precision.


Students can connect with thousands of language companions all over the world through group forums, sharing diverse learning perspectives and interactions whilst enriching their learning experience.

Six Months of Unlimited Access depending on the course: Students can immerse themselves in the gamified learning experience with the flexibility to learn at their own pace.

Certificate of Achievement: All students, once successfully completed and mastered all the necessary checkpoints, will receive a prestigious certificate from TEFL Wonderland, grading their course achievement.


about Hippo Wonderland gamified courses, please visit the official website.